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«OLLI GROUP» - was established in 2008. Interests of "OLLI GROUP" are in innovative sectors with a social orientation.

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Connected Vehicles and Weather – The Vehicle Data Translator

The National Center for Atmospheric Research s overseeing development of a prototype system, known as the "Vehicle Data Translator," to provide drivers with up-to-the-minute information on road and atmosphere conditions.

Vehicle navigation systems frustrate more car owners

Despite many new-vehicle owners saying their factory-installed navigation system is better than their previous system, navigation system satisfaction has declined from 2011, as owners are frustrated by the complexity of menu systems, voice control commands and inputting destinations, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 U.S.

Road traffic providers for quality data

Just as next-generation televisions are gaining resolution, TomTom is adding detail to its traffic service for car navigation. Dubbed HD Traffic version 6.0, this latest upgrade combines information from over 76 million live sources, including connected navigation devices, mobile phones, and real-time incident data.
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